Low Self Esteem Help for Unemployed Individuals

Low self esteem helptips can be just a click away when you need it the most. This year, you may have

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Everyone can offer themselves a low self esteem help when the situation of being unemployed is depressing you.

included having a job in your goals list. You could take a long journey to walk to that goal since finding a job isn’t easy in the first place. Some people tried everything they can do and end up not having a job. This may go on through the rest of the year and it could eat away your hope for finding a job.

Long-term unemployment can lead people to self-doubt and low self esteem. But, it shouldn’t be the end of your journey in life. With the internet available, low self esteem help tips for people going through long-term unemployment can just be a click away. Here are some things to remember and tips to do to to help you live an active life and motivate you to continue looking for a job.

If you are one of those people starting 2012 with no courses lined up or job prospects, don’t panic.

Without a clear plan for the year ahead it is easy to slip into bad habits that could make you feel utterly hopeless about your future prospects.

Long-term unemployment can become a habit, a nasty, debilitating habit that eats away at your self-esteem and tugs you deeper into despair and apathy.

No matter how desperate you may feel, you can take steps to turn your year around.

Having no formal plans or prospects does not mean that you cannot implement your own plans or initiate your own projects.

By changing the way you structure your day, and by doing something useful with your time, you will quite soon realise that there are more opportunities around than you initially thought.

One of the biggest challenges facing someone who is unemployed is to find ways to fill the day.

The more active you are during your day, the better you will feel about yourself, which in turn will motivate you to continue looking for work.

Focus on a work goal – Decide on the kinds of jobs you would like to do then focus on that goal. If you want to get a job selling clothes in a shop, focus on that; do not chase the clerical and admin jobs as well.

Plan and structure your day – Sit down with a pen and paper and create a daily timetable. Structure your mornings from the moment you wake up and make sure you include waking up time, meals and exercise.

Plan the kinds of tasks that need to be done during the day and include those on your timetable. Set daily targets for yourself, like calling on five businesses every day to find out if they are interested in the services you have to offer.

Discipline – Stick to your timetable. If you commit yourself to looking for work for three hours every morning, then keep your social life for the afternoons or evenings.

Do not allow yourself to become distracted; force yourself to stick to your timetable.

Without a formal employer you are the only person who can really boss you around.

Your job right now is to find a job, and once you do have a job you will not be able to run off and socialise at 10am, so get into that habit starting today.

Treats –

When I am not working well I tell myself that I cannot have a cup of tea until I have finished my work. That really motivates me to hurry up.

Allow yourself a visit to a favourite friend only after you have made your five calls to follow up on job prospects; an afternoon nap only after rewriting your CV. Only you know what will get you moving into the day.

You don’t need to be told just how hard it is to find a place for yourself in this economy, so muster your discipline and a timetable – and don’t forget your treats.

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With today’s economy, employment gets harder to attain and many people will acquire low self esteem which will then lead to depression.We all know that depression could lead to chronic mental health and may cause some people to commit suicide. Depression is a battle that can be fought through low self esteem help which includes the process of building, improving and raising self esteem. You can always win the battles you face in life if you work to overcome it.


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