Self Esteem Activities for Students in Promoting a Healthy Education Lifestyle

As children need supervisions after school, self esteem activities are perfect in widening their interests. Do you want your child to widen his or her interests? Then, introduce him or her to  self esteem activities.

Evidence is mounting that where and how youth spend their time outside of normal school hours has important implications for their development.. On the positive side, young people benefit when they spend time engaged in structured pursuits that offer opportunities for positive interactions with adults and peers, encourage them to contribute and take initiative, and contain challenging and engaging tasks.. As a result there has been increasing interest in after-school programs.

shutterstock 76822441 300x199 Self Esteem Activities for Students in Promoting a Healthy Education LifestyleA child needs a portfolio of skills beside academic learning. Self esteem activities such as physical activities helps them discover and develop skills and talents. It also help them hone their social skills by working in a group, prevents them from spending long hours on television and computer games, reduction in falling to bad company, develop better communication skills and learn the value of family and relationships. Self esteem activities certainly have a lot to offer for your child’s proper development.

Students will be more active in future

The staff and grades four to nine students at Fitzgerald Academy in English Harbour West are already looking forward to returning to classes following this school year’s Christmas break.

Fitzgerald was one of 25 provincial schools selected to be involved in a two-year government after-school physical activities pilot project aimed at providing young students with more opportunities to become more active and to learn about a variety of recreational and physical activities.

The Honourable Derrick Dalley, Minister of Tourism, Culture and Recreation and the Honourable Susan Sullivan, Minister of Health and Community Services made the announcement early in December.

Minister Dalley said, “Research has shown that the after school hours are a sedentary time for many youth. Physical activity is an important component of health and wellness during this critical time period. Through this pilot project, schools and community organizations will work together to get students moving and having fun.”

The staff at Fitzgerald Academy partnered with the St, Jacques-Coombs Cove Town Council and Public Health Nurse Cavell Pierce in submitting an application that saw the school receiving $22,000 for its particular program.

Krista Baker is the principal at Fitzgerald. She said that the program is especially important for the students at the school.

Baker said, “Our school has students attending from seven communities outside English Harbour West. We couldn’t have an active after school activity program before because a lot of those students had no rides home after regular school hours.

“This program will allow us to place buses on to all those communities for two days a week which means they now will be able to get home safely after school is out for the day. As a result, a lot more students in those grades will be able to avail of the program.”

Baker said that Fitzgerald’s involvement in the pilot project would begin immediately following this school year’s Christmas break. The students will be taking part in non-competitive physical activities such as skipping, kickball, stacking activities, girls’ zoomba programs, cross country skiing, sliding and ultimate Frisbee.

Baker said. “We’re really excited to start this program early in January. This will really help a lot of our students as it will given them something positive to do after regular school hours.

“As the sports we’re proposing will be non-competitive, it will give out students a great opportunity to build their self-esteem. The after school activities will also lead to a number of health benefits such as the promotion of healthy weights, the benefits of regular physical activity and the importance of social interaction with their peers

“Fitzgerald is going to be a lot busier come the New Year, and we’re all looking forward to that.”

Self esteem activities should be adapted by students. A lifestyle with self esteem activities promotes students to be physically active which promotes better academic performance. It will eventually develop healthy self esteem that leads to a healthy education lifestyle. With a healthy education lifestyle, a student can excel in any field of study.


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