Self Esteem Test: Determine the Level of Your Self Esteem

Self esteem test is an evaluation that could help you discover the areas

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Evaluate the level of your self esteem, take a self esteem test. You will then know which aspects in your life you need to work with.

of your low or high self esteem. Low self esteem comes from a poor self image which can affect the way you act, think and even how you communicate to others. High self esteem on the other hand comes from the complete opposite of low self esteem.

Your self esteem is based on how you see yourself, it has the potential to let you have happiness and also has the courage to let you face challenges in your life. Here is a self esteem test for you to take a quick evaluation of your self esteem.

A lot of time, people who suffer from shyness and social anxiety have a lower self esteem than those who do not. Evaluate yourself to see if you have a healthy level of self esteem. Below are a few questions. Answer the questions with a yes or no and be honest with yourself.

Do you consider yourself to be an active person?

Do you consider yourself to be a happy person?

Do you consider yourself a risk taker?

Do you believe that you deserve to be loved?

Do you believe that you deserve to be respected?

Are you able to let go and move on easily?

Do you take criticism well?

Do you feel wanted and needed?

Are you able to express how you truly feel most of the time?

Do you often find yourself affected by what others may think about you?


This self esteem test was developed to determine whether or not you have a high or low self esteem.

If you answered “no” to a majority of these questions, you may have a lower level of self esteem. That does not mean that you cannot improve self esteem. This self esteem test was designed to gauge where you are at the current moment and not where you could be.

The good news is self esteem is something that can be developed over time. The bad news is, it is not going to happen overnight. To develop your self esteem, you need to step outside of your comfort zone. Take on challenges that make you uncomfortable. When you are able to meet the obstacle that challenges you, you will begin to improve your self esteem.

This self esteem test is just a gauge to see whether or not you have high or low self esteem. It does not mean that you are doomed to this problem. Change happens all the time if you make the conscious effort to improve and take steps in the right directions. If you want to improve your self esteem, challenge yourself to doing things that make you feel a little uneasy. Push beyond those limits and the outcome will be an improvement of your self esteem.

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With the help of the self esteem test given above, you will be able see a reflection of yourself. Keep in mind that once you are aware of what your self esteem is, you can suitably choose the best way to create new you and build positive self esteem, self worth,confidence and happiness. All of us are wothy to be loved,respected and happy– especially by ourselves.


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pixel Self Esteem Test: Determine the Level of Your Self Esteem

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