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Forte Strong: Building Confidence and Self Esteem in Young Men

For some time in our lives, we need help in building confidence and self esteem in ourselves. This means everyone of us, there’s no exception– will it be for women or men. When we speak about self esteem programs, we are more likely to enumerate programs intended specifically for women. It seems like there are more self esteem programs for women. We all know that women faces a lot of self esteem issues during teenage years to adolescent stage, but we most likely forget that men does face issues as well.

Men and women may have difference in their mental, physical, and emotional state, but it doesn’t exempt men from dealing with self esteem issues. Studies show that more men these days are suffering from low self esteem and are in denial of the vulnerability they’re experiencing. Forte Strong, a program that addresses failure to launch syndrome, helps in building confidence and self esteem in men. Read along to learn more about men’s self esteem and how the program helps them to cope up.

Forte Strong’s failure to launch program for young men reaches new success with its experiential approach to life coaching. Young men are becoming more motivated, active, happy and educated.

Recent studies show that young men are becoming less and less involved in society. They are experiencing a larger substance abuse rate, more mental health issues and a suicide rate 5 times that of young women. They are also trending a lower graduation rate, poorer scholastic performance and lower SANY0088 225x300 Forte Strong: Building Confidence and Self Esteem in Young Mencareer acquisition post college. All of these elements may be contributing factors to the failure to launch syndrome so many young men are currently experiencing. 
Forte Strong, a premier failure to launch program specializing in the life coaching of these young men (18-26) and is taking the issue to heart. They provide a short term residential approach to coach these struggling young men to independence. Some of the key elements of the program involve enrolling into some form of higher education, personalized strength assessments to build confidence and self esteem, and a unique experiential education curriculum where students learn by doing.

Matthew Arrington, co-founder of Forte Strong explains, “Young men just learn differently than women. Because they learn differently they need a different approach than the one society has set up for them and that’s where Forte Strong comes in. We know how to coach these young men to success. We show them how to develop the confidence, the strength and the life skills they need to be successful in the real world that they can use for the rest of their lives.”

Part of Forte Strong’s experiential education approach involves participating in internships, job shadowing, community involvement, service projects, personal safety courses (CPR & first aid), higher education, international leadership treks, and much more. In an uncertain world Forte Strong gives young men the ability to rise to the challenge by developing their character, both internally and externally. They also provide free coaching for life even after their students have graduated the program which is unheard of in this industry.

Forte Strong is a failure to launch program specializing in the life coaching of young adult men. Forte Strong is also a national leader in providing skill development, leadership training, and life coaching for young adults ages 18-26. Their unique strength based coaching allows their students to accelerate their lives to independence in a shorter amount of time than most program

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There are many growing factors in the society today that affects both men and women’s welfare. There is no doubt that many people are seeking help in building confidence and self esteem. The society needs more people who takes in action and do their part in improving the society for the better, and men plays a big role in making it happen.


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