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Building Confidence and Self Esteem Through Life Skills Project

Most homeless people develop psychological and mental issues which made building confidence and IMG 7247 300x240 Building Confidence and Self Esteem Through Life Skills Projectself esteem hard for them. Not having a home causes a sense of insecurity that will eventually lead to fear, hopelessness, and depression. The issues they experience prevent them from having chances to be employed. Without the help and support of certain people in the community, they could hardly get out of the devastating situation thy are in.

In the West Midlands of England, the city and county town of Worcester, a hostel for the homeless continues making wonders in building confidence and self esteem to homeless people. The St. Paul’s Hostel for the homeless developed Life Skills project with the aim to help homeless people by giving them new opportunities for homeless people. Here are further information about the organization.

HOMELESS people will be given a chance to take hold of their own future with help from a new £200,000 cash grant.

St Paul’s Hostel in Tallow Hill, Worcester, which has worked with the city’s homeless since 1977, has just been handed a BIG Lottery grant to spend giving clients some useful skills – including a spell in the hostel’s own kitchen.

The cash will help pay for – among other things – a kitchen assistant post for six months.

Sharon van Antwerpen, support and development co-ordinator and deputy manager, said the money would allow the hostel to work with clients “building self-esteem and confidence” through its Life Skills project.

“It allows clients to learn skills so they can stand on their own two feet and move into more independent living,” she said. “The aim of the project is to help homeless people by giving them skills, allowing to meet people and gain some stability “Building self-esteem and confidence reduces social isolation and improves access to education, training and employment.

“And we’ve had a success story as one of our kitchen trainees went on to a job at a top city restaurant, so it does work.”

The clients can learn skills like brick-laying, carpentry, husbandry and horticulture, while the hostel’s kitchen programme provides formal and informal lessons on planning a shop, and buying and preparing food.

 The bid was drafted and submitted with help from Peter MacKenzie-Shaw, of the Worcestershire Partnership.

“On seeing this project and the fact it offered potentially great benefits, I set to work on making the application for funding stand out above other areas of the country competing for the same fund.”

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The most beneficial aspect of the organization is having the dedication of focusing on giving someone a quality life. Homeless people really need help in building confidence and self esteem to help structure their day. Every day structured with confidence and self esteem will slowly make them realize what  they can do to finally stand on their own feet.


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