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John Causley Helps Raising Funds in Killing Low Self Esteem in Men

Poor body image can cause low self esteem in men. Obesity is number one on the list of cause aside from being too thin, too short and etc.

Being overweight is not just about being a target for cruel jokes and having low self esteem, but is also a health risk.

Being bullied or being a target for cruel jokes leads to low self esteem in men. It might lead them on not having the motivation on doing anything to solve the problem they are facing.

John Causley is here to help. He is having a fundraising project for those who suffer obesity.

shutterstock 49436092 300x248 John Causley Helps Raising Funds in Killing Low Self Esteem in MenLOOKING at him now, it is hard to believe John Causley ever struggled with body image.

But he is adamant he did, and was bullied at school as a result.

That experience has made John determined to make things better for others facing their own struggles with obesity.

And to make his point John intends to perform 500, that’s right – 500 one-handed push-ups without stopping in a bid to raise what he says are much-needed funds for the National Obesity Awareness Campaign.

“My aim is to encourage the many young males out there who struggle with body image and low self-esteem due to the increase of obesity,” he said.

“The habits we create early in our lives determine our future.

“The advice I give to young people is to find a sport or activity you enjoy and to look up to the many great athletes out there as role models.

“Nearly all who are the best live a clean life away from alcohol and cigarettes, and eat good, clean food – fresh and whole – and plenty of lean meats and milk.

“I follow and read books from the likes of Kostya Tszyu, Cadel Evans and Ian Thorpe.

“Our nation has so many great athletes.”

John works and trains at Bodyrock Fitness at Townsend and gym owner Tom Griffiths says he is extraordinary.

“When he sets his mind to something, he doesn’t think too much about it, he just does it,” he said.

“Before your photographer got there for the photo he’d done 400 as a warm-up, and he’d been saying on Facebook he’d done 350 in the soft sand at the beach.”

Mr Griffiths said he could do between 50 and 100 regular push ups, but no one-handed push ups.

He said there were some Year 10 students at the gym recently and were all quite fit.

“The best they could manage was two,” he said.

“To be fair, one of them might have got to three but his mate gave him a kick, as 16-year-olds do, and knocked him over.”

John will attempt, and no doubt succeed, in his 500 one-handed push-up fundraiser during the gym’s Christmas party at the Yamba Shores Tavern on December 17 at 6pm.

He said he wanted as many people as possible to come along to help with the fundraising and to “participate in the fun”.

The National Obesity Awareness Campaign along with John Causley and other people are here to help kill low self esteem in men. Let them serve as an eye-opener for you and start doing your work for a better you. Open yourself for the change.


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