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Dove Girl Kaela O’Connor’s Story Featured in Dove’s Self Esteem Activities Campaign

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Dove's self esteem activities campaigns have made many girls and women the broadness of beauty.

Dove’s self esteem movement has done many campaigns and self esteem activities across the world. Its mission is to make girls and women feel beautiful every day by widening the narrow and stereotypical definition of beauty and inspiring them to take great care of themselves. This commitment starts with using real women and not professional models in expressing themselves, what they think about beauty and what they think about women around the world. Continuing its commitment, Dove has done many campaigns for various ages, shapes and sizes.

One of these campaigns is the One Girl Can campaign, which features real stories and real inspirations in a book. The One Girl Can book isn’t just a book filled with real stories bur also has self esteem activities for mentors and girls. One girl,¬†Kaela O’Connor who was chosen to be included in the book said she was inspired by her grandfather in having the heart of participating in social activities. Let’s take a closer look about her and Dove’s campaign.

Kaela O’Connor is a Dove girl. And the 14-year-old West Island College student is hoping that her commitment to social issues will inspire others to be more aware of the world around them.

Kaela was chosen as one of 14 girls from across Canada to be included into the book called One Girl Can: Real Girls, Real Stories, Real Inspiration that is aimed at supporting positive self-esteem in girls and women.

Kaela was nominated by her mother, Gabriela Steinmetz (who graduated from West Island College in 1986), who felt that her daughter’s commitment to helping impoverished kids in Quebec deserved to be noted and could serve as an inspiration.

Apparently the people at The Dove Self Esteem Fund agreed.

“One Girl Can is a collection of real stories mixed with simple self-esteem enhancing and relationship building activities for moms/mentors and girls,” according to a statement from the fund. “Its aim is to facilitate bonding, open lines of communication on important discussion topics and spread the message that one girl can really make a difference.”

Kaela said she was inspired by her grandfather, Dr. Nicolas Steinmetz, when she was still in grade school. He had told her about the Foundation for the Advancement of Social Pediatrics, a group that helps in poorer neighbourhoods with childhood health and educational needs.

She organized a fundraiser at her school using artwork chosen from each grade to make note cards that were sold at school events. More than $1,400 was raised to help children who do not have access to good health care or education.

Kaela said she was pleased to be chosen for the book.

“My mother told me she had nominated me but I had kind of forgotten about it,” said Kaela. “I was thrilled to be chosen.”

Kaela said she wanted to continue working on social issues like health care and education for the young as well as on immigration issues, like the federal government’s Bill C-4, the Preventing Human Smugglers from Abusing Canada’s Immigration System Act, which calls for, among other things, a mandatory indefinite detention on designated refugee claimants, including children.

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The world in its changing and narrowing view of beauty has damaged every girls self esteem in many ways. Dove’s movement in making self esteem activities campaign is one great tool to fight this damaging view. Indeed, Dove is right- One girl can make a difference. It’s like a pattern , one girl makes a difference here, one girl makes a difference there, every girl makes a difference. With each girl making a difference for a better outlook in life, everybody will in time.


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