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Self Esteem Programs for Broward County Schools

Self esteem programs being developed in schools have helped a lot of children. These kind of programs are considered to be of great support to schools in helping students soar high in their learning and academics. Although there are some criticisms regarding building self esteem in schools, many still find it extremely beneficial to students.

The benefits proved by programs has encouraged many organizations and even schools to develop self esteem programs in schools who haven’t already have one. An example is the Coral Park Elementary in Coral Springs where they demonstrated a New Inclusion Program for Broward County schools.


An inclusion program called “Play Pal” is set to start in the fall in Broward County schools. The program, which was first implemented ten years ago at one of the schools, was first started by a autism coach.  The video is a demonstration of this program which was filmed at Coral Park Elementary School in Coral Springs, Florida.

The Broward ESE (Exceptional Student Education) Advisory Board supports the idea behind the Play Pal program and believes that the expansion it will have a positive impact on the education of all special needs students.

The ESE says that the  program benefits the children by having them learn social and communication skills as well as boost their self esteem.  The ESE also believes that it will help with the bullying issues that have been happening frequently. More importantly, it would increase the level of acceptance of our children in the community.

The Broward ESE says they will be working very hard to make this project become reality throughout the schools.

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Self esteem programs have different strategies in building self esteem in students. Since the school is one of the major places where children develop their self esteem, it is just necessary for schools to help children develop their identity, skills, and even their dreams. As parents do their part in building self esteem in their child, they should also support whatever it is that helps develop their children’s happiness and bright future.


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