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Self Esteem Test Based Ways to Build Self Esteem in Children

A simple self esteem test can help parents come up with ways to build self esteem in their child. Self esteem tests are used to evaluate the level of a certain person’s self esteem. It comes in a variety of ways as well. Some conduct a self esteem test through a Q&A game, through writing, through confrontation and more. A not to parents, it is necessary for you to conduct a self esteem test in a way which your child would be most comfortable doing.

So, when you’re done letting your child take a self esteem test. You probably know the level of your child’s self esteem by now. Whether your child’s self esteem is high or low, you still need to continue building self esteem in them as many they will still face many life circumstances that may affect their self esteem. Here are few ways for you to build self esteem in your child.

It is common to spot self esteem issues in people. Low self esteem can make the person under-confident, irresponsible, indulge in self-pity, have lower self-worth, depression, or even indulge in drugs or alcohol in worse cases.

It is thereby important that children have a realistic image about their capabilities. A positive self-esteem serves as their armor against the J021 214x300 Self Esteem Test Based Ways to Build Self Esteem in Childrenchallenges that they face in their everyday lives. It makes them more confident and proud of themselves. Such children have a better sense of self-respect and are more loving and secure than those with demented self-esteem. 

Sure you would not like your child to have a low self-respect, so given below are a few tips that will best guide you how you can ensure that your child do not struggle with any self-esteem issues: 

1. Be positive – Your general outlook on life affects your child a lot more than you think. This means that your positive outlook will rub off on your child and will help him to develop a positive attitude.
2. Praise Your Child’s Efforts – Children crave praise from their role models. When your child has made an effort at something, praise him honestly, even if the effort was unsuccessful. You will not only teach them the value of an honest effort but will also build his self-esteem. Make sure you are not fake though. Praise him for the right things and tell him that there is always a next time.
3. Ignore The Negative Aspects – No child is perfect. For that matter, you are not perfect yourself. So, why do you focus on the negative aspects of your child? Instead, focus on your child’s positive qualities.
4. Promise Family Support – Placing a family picture on your child’s bedside is a subtle reminder that he has his family’s support. Your child will feel loved and will work without stress.
5. Keep Communicating – This is an important aspect of a child’s development. Encourage your child to talk about his troubles, fears and happy moments. Many times, children are troubled and you have to find the reason behind their troubles. You can do this only by communicating. Make time for talking to the child and spend time with them. Help them look at a negative situation with a different point of view. Most importantly, don’t judge the child. You may even be playful around them sometimes to bond with them better. Buy superhero costumes for them and create some magical effects, if possible. Make them spend some fun time with you and they will open up more easily. 
6. Don’t Criticize Your Child – Remember that your child is an individual and you have to respect the way he reacts. Understand his feelings and don’t criticize him. Criticizing will only increase negative behaviour. Rather praise him and help him view things positively.
7. Set Goals – Teach your child to have a goal. When he begins with projects, tell him to focus on that goal and complete the project. This will encourage the child to have a positive outlook. Being able to finish a project and reaching the goal will build his self-esteem.

Let you child learn through his experiences. It is not always possible for him to emerge winner. So, when he doesn’t, just be there for him and support him. Your support will build his self-esteem and make him a happier child.

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It is important for you parents to keep in mind the ways stated above to help you guarantee your child’s happiness and success. Although you can’t fully control your child’s emotions and the circumstances that life brings to him or her, you can always guide them to get back on track. Evaluate their self esteem from time to time, conduct a self esteem test again. Of course, make every self esteem test appropriate to your child’s age and interests. A child always needs their parents even when they don’t show it, show them that you are always there.

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