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Self Help Positive Thinking in Spite of Stress

Self help positive thinking can always come in handy when stress is trying to prevent you from succeeding. It is proved to help in stress management as well as improving your health. Admittedly, it could be a bit of a challenge staying optimistic when you’re surrounded with all negative. But, thinking of all the benefits you can get by being optimistic and the nothingness of giving in to negativity and stress, the challenge is worth taking for.

Self help positive thinking could start through positive self-talking. Through constant positive self-talk, you’ll find it easier to deal with stress and negative situations. Here are some tips from the counselor and owner of AdvantEdge Success Coaching and Training, Barbara Jordon for you to know more how to manage stress in your way to success.

Barbara Jordon, a Green Bay SCORE counselor and owner of AdvantEdge Success Coaching and Training, has some advice for small business owners. She says failure to manage stress will hurt your chance for success.

As the author of “Achieve Success in Spite of Stress,” Jordon has seen what negative energy can do to a business. She works with stressed-out people every day and teaches them the importance of positive energy.

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Smile the stress away!

“You have your financial capital, but emotional capital is every bit as important,” she said. “That means a positive, can-do attitude. Regardless of what is going on around you, it means keeping your head up and radiating confidence.”

Jordon cautions that stress takes away focus from the business. It can mean impatience with customers and employees and a business management style that is reactive. In many cases, it can also mean failure for the business.

Instead, Jordon advises owners to get back on track. That means letting go of micromanagement and perfectionism, the two biggest stressors and time wasters.

“Do a productivity assessment and learn to prioritize time to be more resourceful and productive,” she said. “Let go of the resistance to ask for help and learn to delegate and draw boundaries. Don’t try to do everything yourself.”

Along with that, it is important to do things that are fun. Working in the business 80 hours a week only leads to burnout. Every business owner will benefit from spending time on self-care. That means exercise, eating well, hobbies, and pleasurable activities.

“Even if you start small with just a few hours a month, it will give you time to recharge,” Jordon said.

Her book is filled with self-awareness activities to help develop a positive attitude and understand priorities. She recommends taking an inventory where values are prioritized and ranked. After ranking, the time spent on priorities is compared to time actually spent.

“If the activities you’re spending time on have nothing to do with your values, you have a problem on your hands. You need to honor those values in your life,” she said.

Even if times are hard and your business is struggling, Jordon said you should look on the bright side and keep a journal marking every success, no matter how small. Identify negative thinking, start each day with positive self-talk, and talk yourself into a good mood.

If it becomes too hard to turn things around and develop a good attitude, Jordon said there is the possibility that the business isn’t right for you.

“Value the rest of your life,” she said. “You may have to take a loss, but ask yourself if it’s worth your marriage, health and other relationships to hang on.”

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To support your self help positive thinking, surround yourself with positive people. They can help you stay on the right track as they give helpful advice and feedback. This way you can achieve success in spite of stress. Do yourself a favor today and manage every aspect of your life with an optimistic attitude.


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